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 About Us

Ten years ago, the need for a small, flexible, service-oriented metal supply company was seen by Belleville Metal Sales founders, and today BMS services customers throughout southern and south-eastern Ontario.

With 5 trucks on the road every day, Belleville Metal Sales makes prompt deliveries and ensures that customers are getting what they pay for. We offer product cutting, so our customers never have to buy more than what they need.

For our local customers, offer a same day pick-up service so they don't have to maintain a costly inventory of materials. This is especially important in today's bouncing steel markets.

Our corporate clients have come to know us as a respected supply partner and rely on us to provide fast, accurate quotes and to deliver their goods on time with no surprises.

If you want to find out more, please call us during our regular business hours or send us an email. You can find all our contact information on the Contact Us page.