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Same Day Pick-up Service
Belleville Metal Sales stocks the materials you need, and we can have your order ready for pick-up the same day, or we offer delivery for the next business day. It costs you money to carry materials in inventory, so let us carry it for you.
Request a quote before noon today, and you can pick up your materials later in the day.

For those of you planning improvements to your hunting camps, building tree-stands, or making modifications to your ATV racks, Belleville Metal Sales has the material you need.

Call us with your order and we’ll get it ready so all you have to do is pick it up.

Steel Manufacturers/Fabricators
Reduce your materials inventory cost by purchasing only what you need, and when you need it. We offer your materials cut to size.
Building Construction
For pre-painted and pre-cut beams and lintels at competitive prices, call us today.
Shafting Material Farming Industry
When equipment breaks, you need the material to fix it. We always carry a wide assortment material that can be cut to any size.
Aluminum Maintenance Applications
Quick repairs mean you're productive sooner. We carry various hardened metals and shafting materials to get you running.
Exotic Metals Special Industries
Whatever your needs, Belleville Metal Sales can source your material.
Odds 'n' Ends

Everything from steel to aluminum, 2” lengths to 24’ lengths. When it doesn’t move from our storage racks, we offer it to you at drastically reduced prices.
Visit our Odds 'n' Ends page for current specials!

Or call us at (613) 968-2188 and we’d be happy to tell you the details on our current specials.