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Products To Suit All Industries
In the competitive world of business today, it doesn't matter whether you are a multi-national manufacturing company or a small farm, you need to know you have a metal supply partner who can meet your demands. Belleville Metal Sales carries a wide variety of the most commonly used metals, and we can source any product you need.
Shafting Material and Hardened Metals
To get your equipment back online and making money, you can count on us to carry a wide variety of hardened material for use in harsh manufacturing and production environments. We can often source material that is harder and more durable than OEM so you can be sure to save money in costly downtime and repairs.
Steel is one of the best known and most cost effective materials known in the
world. Since the earliest of times, consumers have enjoyed the benefits of steel in products ranging from toasters to childrens’ toys to automobiles. Steel offers strength, esthetics, longevity and a host of other benefits that continue to make it make it one of the leading manufacturing materials in the world today.

Belleville Metal Sales stocks hot and cold roll steel in a very large assortment of sizes and shapes. We carry tubing, piping, plate, bar, structural, and many other forms of steel every day. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

Visit the Canadian Steel Producers Association website for more information about steel and its uses.

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Perhaps the next most commonly known metal to steel is aluminum. Used today in a wide variety of industries, aluminum is a lightweight, impermeable metal that can be inexpensively manufactured, and is easily recycled.

Aluminum can be used in many applications where a rigid, but lightweight material is required, such as docks, outdoor equipment, and other light duty places.

Visit the Aluminum Association of Canada for more information about aluminum and its

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Stainless Steel
Most commonly used for medical and food equipment, and outdoor applications, stainless steel is hardened and non-porous, providing a very durable surface that will not rust or corrode.
Exotic Metals
For your special purpose needs, we can deliver exotic materials such as aircraft aluminum from our stock or with through our suppliers with minimal lead time.